I have been blessed with the good fortune of being able to travel.  My most recent trip to Egypt allowed me to see how artists worked in granite and limestone thousands of years ago.

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It's the detail found in nature, be it living organisms

or ancient stones, that I love the most


Selected as one of the featured watercolor
artists from over 1700 worldwide entries in Splash 16, The Best of Watercolor,"Achemon Sphinx" studies the subtleties of color and texture in nature.

​I am struck by the beauty and geometry of flowers, orchids in particular.  The veins and subtle translucency of each petal is such a beautiful thing.

Having been a graphic artist for NM Museum of Natura​l History, I've always been fascinated by insects.  They are like little machines.

Marlene Bachi​cha-Roberts   Fine Art

Having majored in geology in college and living in New Mexico, I am mesmerized by the beauty of stone that has been weathered over millions of years.