Marlene Bachi​cha-Roberts   Fine Art

I consider myself an ultra realistic artist as you can see from my paintings.  I have always loved nature and design.  My art represents years of seeing beautiful and wonderful things around me.  The paintings are about the subjects I find interesting, flowers (most of which I grow myself), rocks, insects, and my travels.  I am an avid photographer, but the only problem with photographs is that they can never take me to that special place that paint does.  When I paint, I become very intimate with every detail of the subject.  I have discovered how the intricate design of insect wings is so much like the veins of a flower petal and how multiple textures and colors define different rocks and surfaces.  This knowledge enables me to let the viewer see what I see.

I use 300lb. Arches watercolor paper.  I prefer this weight because it can handle the many layers of paint I need to achieve dark backgrounds, (sometimes up to fifteen layers)  and the many colors needed to create depth in textures.  All the dark areas are created using only color pigments.  I never use black or white (except for signatures).  The white is the natural color of the paper without paint.  I have always liked a limited color pallet, although brilliant color has its moments.

I enjoy seeing my paintings come to life, from the first drawings the process takes on a life of its own.  The paint and I take a journey.  At times it becomes an adventure filled with frustrating moments and problems to be solved, but as with all adventures I am always enriched by the experience.  I've learned to embrace the "F" word.....flexibility.

artist state​ment